Safe in his eternal hands…

My life is in thine hands,
Safe, secure and protected.
Chains of death cant hold it,
Pangs of hell cant corrode it,
In his bosom, rest my feeble soul.

When allays of burdens vents on me
Thy word grants me comfort,
In thy promises I find life!!
Thou will never leave me halfway,
If thou has promised,
Thou will fulfill.
If thou has started, thou will finish….
All that thou sendest my way
Is the best for me….
Saviour of my soul i rest in thee….


Certainty amidst uncertainties

I do not know what lies ahead in my life,
But I know the comforter abides with me
I do not know the dangers anticipating me,
But I know that he walks with me,
In the moments of my apprehension
I know that he holds my hand,
In the valley of death,
I see his shadows over me.
In the uncertain steps that i take,
I see his footsteps walking with me,
In the moments of my confusion
I hear the spirit guiding me,
In the moments of my agony
I hear his still voice comforting me,
In the chaos of life
I experience the sweetness of his presence
If you are there with me O Lord
I shall tread the less trodden way
I shall win over the battle
I shall overcome just like thee
And I shall follow thee till i reach home

He is there!!!!

When you are troubled like a sea,
the pain you bear none do see,
deeply wounded to the highest degree,
but there’s a person whom you don’t see ,
he is there!!yes he is there!!JESUS

amid the conflicts in this race,
amid the battles that you face,
when storms around you blow,
something that you don’t know,
He is there!!yes he is there!!JESUS

ohh!!!let me learn from you,
A divine lesson so new.
never did thou complain,
nor did thou murmer,
crown of thorn was your reward,
bruised by the father’s wrathful sword !!

your heart did burn for sinner,
saved me a wretched miser,
with divine love eternal,
sacred grace supernal
the bright and morning star,
I rest in your wounded mar!!

deep than love of mothers,
ohh!!far deeper than the love of lovers,
love of christ displayed:
clinging to me you said:-
you are dear to me,
yes!!!so near to thee

Oh lord!!!
I rest on your gentle breast ,
simply in your word I trust.
I lean on your everlasting arms,
forever freed from corroding harms
he is there!!yes he is there!!!JESUS

Solitude of the garden…

The Paradoxical Garden

The Greek word for the term garden is paradise (παράδεισος). Garden is a state of bliss in all aspects, a place which rejuvenates dry souls, replenishes us as a whole, proffering pleasure, joy, vitality and much more. Let us step into a paradoxical garden which contradicts with our idea about a garden. Our priority is not the Garden rather the presence of the bleeding lamb in the garden accompanied by deep solitude and intense distress.

A Journey into the Garden…
Join me in my journey as we prayerfully revisit that sacrosanct prayer garden. The indigenous irony is that the garden which is ideally a symbol for warmth and acceptance here proves to be a place of gruesome torture. The essence of this place predominantly highlight a ‘battle’. One of the greatest battle ever fought battle between two contrasting wills. This battle would be the precedence to the one which would be within few hours fought at Calvary.

A Painful Solitude, just for you & me…..
Psalms 139: 16 Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.The helpless, lost, weary, lonely face of this pilgrim allured him to the extent of resignation to God’s divine providence. The only face he beheld that night, was yours and mine. But I retorted saying Lord: I am dark & very black… (Song of Songs 1: 5, 6). But he with a loving smile responded How beautiful you are, my beloved! Oh, how BEAUTIFUL!!! (Song of Songs 1: 15) The travail and the choice made for my sake at the garden led to my beautification. Only if you could believe and thank him for his love.

Anticipating a total Isolation…
The pain included in the solitude involved an ‘anticipated pain,’ Why do I call it so? Because he already knew what he would suffer; the pain of betrayal,’ pain of being forsaken, crushed, mocked, scorned above all the tarnishing of the blessed fellowship which Christ had sustained with all diligence with the father for all eternity
Jesus could have easily opted, for a way of escape from this agony. If he had opted for the easy way, he wouldn’t have been guilty or sinful in any ways. But he couldn’t endure loosing me…..

The solitude in the garden (παράδεισος) was to give me the eternal bliss of paradise (παράδεισος)!
Let us thank him for his beautifying grace ,comprehending how much we are valued by the richness of his grace!

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